a way to be eclectic-and eco

The new product line of Ruffle Couture is here! Its eco and its eclectic. Its eco-lectic! Here are some cool projects and more to love the earth!

You can donate old jewlery to eco-lectic or RC and I will make new jewlery out of it! You can pay me a low cost of up to $5.00 for the new jewlery after you've donated. I accept every piece of jewlery you can imagine! Necklaces,rings,bracelets,anklets,earrings,chokers, or even just a chain or a pendant will work! Please tell me about any items that you would like to donate and I would be glad to take them!
                                                                          MORE UPDATES
I have deleted the last paragraphs because I will find more updates to post. There will be new updates in September.


Thanks for reading and have a great day! Remember to REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!